Bill Murray Stencil

For my latest project I decided to attempt a much larger stencil than I would normally consider.
I chose Bill Murray as the subject, selecting an image from his recent photoshoot for GQ magazine. All that was then needed was to transform the colour image into 7 shades of grey, extract each shade into a separate layer, play in photoshop to fit and print each layer onto a grid of 5 by 4 pieces of card-stock (to accommodate the 36″ x 36″ dimensions) then reinforce and the cut the design out with a x-acto knife (going through roughly 70 blades in the process). After painting a background pattern it was a matter of aligning each layer over the previous one to build up the design. The end result being a splendidly handsome portrait of Bill Murray!
I estimate that the entire process took somewhere in the order of 60 hours. I’m very pleased with the result and will be attempting some more pieces at this scale (or larger?!) soon. Bill Murray is currently on show at Keegan Ales in Kingston NY until the end of February.

May Update : Bill is looking for a new home! If you feel you have a suitable space that Bill could grace then please do get in touch.