Mural Collaboration

My good friend and excellent artist Randal Roberts was recently in town for a few days so we took the opportunity to collaborate on a new mural at Keegan Ales – our local brew pub in Kingston NY. I’ve been on a bit of a Bill Murray kick as of late so no surprises for my choice of subject matter while Randal wanted to weave some of his paisley pattern magic to tie the wall together.
I decided to experiment with the stencil poster technique popularized by Sten Lex. The basic idea here being that the design is pasted to the wall, the black areas are cut out leaving a stencil of sorts remaining on the surface. This is then painted over and, once dry, the remaining paper is removed to reveal the final design. It sounds a little convoluted and it is. It also takes time, lots of xacto blades and much hand/wrist flexing. The end result made it all worthwhile.

Thanks to Justin Roberts with some initial help cutting.

UPDATE [2015] – I’ve added a few pictures of the colouring in! Aided in no small part by the talented Ken Zeltakalns, Bill received a makeover. Using Randal’s Homer image as our colour palette we beautified the background in time for a guest appearance from Randal himself!

Randal Roberts Website